Pet Surgical Services in Prunedale, CA

Welcome to Prunedale Veterinary Services, your reliable Prunedale, CA partner for pet care. Our surgical services for pets are part of our dedication to offering kind and competent care.
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Our Expertise in Pet Surgical Services

Our skilled veterinary team at Prunedale Veterinary Services is committed to making sure your pets are safe and comfortable during surgical procedures. We offer a variety of surgical services that are customized to each animal’s specific requirements. Your pet’s health and safety are our first priorities, whether they require simple surgeries or more involved ones.

We recognize that surgical procedures can cause anxiety for pet owners, our goal is to ease those fears by providing a thorough and compassionate approach to pet surgery.

Key Pet Surgical Services Offered

Spaying and Neutering

In order to reduce the number of unwanted pets and encourage a healthier lifestyle for your animal companions, we offer safe and efficient spaying and neutering services.

Soft Tissue Surgery

Our knowledgeable veterinarians have performed numerous soft tissue surgeries on patients with tumors, hernias, and digestive problems.

Dental Surgery

For general well-being, dental health is crucial. Our dental surgeries take care of problems like oral tumors, extractions, and corrective measures to make sure your pet has a healthy mouth.

Orthopedic Surgery

Our orthopedic procedures are designed to help pets with musculoskeletal problems move more freely and feel less pain, so they can live happy, active lives.

Why Choose Prunedale Veterinary Services for Pet Surgical Needs?

  1. Expertise: Our vets have extensive training and expertise in carrying out a range of surgical procedures.
  2. Compassionate Care: We provide kind care to both pets and their owners, and we are aware of the emotional component of pet surgery.
  3. Advanced Facilities: To guarantee the best quality of care, our clinic is outfitted with contemporary surgical equipment.

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