Pet Microchipping in Prunedale, CA

We provide thorough pet microchipping services at Prunedale Veterinary Services in Prunedale, CA. Make an appointment today to guarantee that your pet is safeguarded with this identification technology.
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Understanding Pet Microchipping

The process of microchipping entails placing a tiny, rice-sized chip beneath your pet’s skin, usually in the space between their shoulder blades. Rescue groups, veterinary clinics, and animal shelters can all scan this tiny device to find its unique identification number. If your pet ever goes missing, it will be simpler to reunite with them thanks to the database that this number is connected to.

The safety of your pets is our top priority as a veterinary team at Prunedale Veterinary Services. We provide a dependable and effective method of protecting your furry friends with our pet microchipping services.

Why Choose Pet Microchipping?

Permanent Identification

Your pet can always be identified with a microchip, unlike collars and tags that are easily lost or taken off.

Quick and Painless Procedure

The microchipping procedure can be completed during a standard veterinarian visit and is quick and almost painless. It’s an affordable service that provides a lifetime of security.

Increased Chance of Reunion

A microchip greatly improves your pet’s chances of a happy reunion in the sad event that they get lost. Shelters become home to a large number of unidentified lost pets; a microchip guarantees a quick and precise identification procedure.

Compliance with Local Regulations

There are laws in some places requiring pet owners to microchip their animals. Making sure your pet is microchipped will help you abide by these regulations and keep you out of trouble.

When to Consider Pet Microchipping

  1. For All Pets, Regardless of Indoor or Outdoor Status: It is beneficial to microchip indoor and outdoor pets. Even if your dog or cat doesn’t often leave the house, unforeseen circumstances may cause them to go missing.
  2. Before Traveling or Moving: Microchipping your pet adds an extra degree of protection if you intend to travel with them or relocate. This is in case your pet becomes lost in a strange place.
  3. During Routine Veterinary Visits: By including microchipping in your pet’s regular veterinary care, you can make sure that their identification is current.

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